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The curriculum at Rangoli is the best that your child can have. A Play School starts the process of the child's initiation into the world of education. Since this is the first rung of the ladder that the child would progressively climb in life, it is essential that the curriculum is designed after taking into careful consideration the inputs from teachers and eminent educationists. We at Rangoli have done just that and have designed the courseware that impinges sharp focus on the following areas:

Social Development
To provide smooth transition from the comfort of home to the world outside and to enable the child to start learning how to take care of one self and to develop self esteem.
Emotional Development
In the formative years the child needs to develop the values of sharing with others, caring for the environment and concern for others around.
Physical Development
It is important that children develop fine and gross motor skills and understand how their body works. Dependency on others should be gradually minimized. Proper guidance and encouragement at the stage are of cardinal importance.
Intellectual Development
The power of reasoning and faculty of discretion are very important aspects for success in life. Language skills and fluent communication provide the cutting age in this competitive world. It is also so imperative that their quest for knowledge be ignited and their strengths and innate skills be channeled so that children realize their potential in life.

In sum, we at Rangoli ceaselessly strive to ensure that the personality of each child is properly rounded off and expect that parents also play their role in right earnest.