Rangoli Preschool

Children learn new things by different ways and senses. A child needs to feel, touch, explore and do the things. The practical exposure to the outer world boosts the learning experience. It is proven that the maximum learning happens during the early years when the mind is open to accept the new ideas.At RANGOLI we always provide such type of environment to the child where the learning becomes joyful and motivational. We focus on the different developmental areas like socio-emotional, creative, language, cognitive, physical, intellectual and moral development and plan our activities accordingly.

The purpose of education is to find in-depth meaning and joy in the learning process. Rangoli Group provides Preschool Franchise In Gujarat, India. So Rangoli is the counted in top 1o preschool franchise provider in India.

The academic program at RANGOLI is activity based and gives space to the children for experiments. Young children learn best through first-hand experiences, which help them to develop important knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes.

The teachers in the school provide a variety of well-planned experiences to help the children reach the developmental goals. Continuous observation and assessment of each child’s development help the child to develop at the best of his/her potential. If you are looking for the preschool franchise in your city then contact us. We will provide you proper guidelines for how to start a preschool in your city. Contact for the preschool franchise in Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Baroda, Surat, Anand, Rajasthan, Bharuch, Gandhidham, Diu, Jaipur, Himatnager, Navsari, Morbi etc. Places in Gujarat.