Pragmatic Learning At Rangoli Preschool

RANGOLI Preschool is a preschool with the difference. With our unique pedagogy and curriculum, we are able to deliver the best education quality consistently. Each and every RANGOLI students gets the same methodology across our 55+ preschool centres across Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Whether it be Gujarat’s Ahmedabad, Baroda, Gandhinagar, Mehsana, Kutch, Rajkot or Madhya Pradesh; the daily teaching goes identical.

Language development is focused on rhyme singing and story-telling. To ensure that rhyme teaching by teachers and mothers go in sync; every year we organize sing with mother wherein mothers are invited at preschool and teachers perform and teach how to sing each and every rhyme (with actions and movements) that is in the syllabus. This helps mothers to join or teach rhymes to their child whenever he /she try to sing it at home. This is our SING WITH MOTHER session which held once a year for the mothers of Toddler Care and Nursery class students. It was recently conducted at all the RANGOLI Preschools and mothers really enjoy this session and put in their efforts to contribute to their child’s learning.

We lay emphasis on pragmatic learning at RANGOLI Preschools. There various pragmatic teaching methods followed at RANGOLI Preschool out of which few are educational visits, role play, dramatization, celebrations, competitions, etc. These activities give live examples and help to learn happen fast for these young minds. Moreover, it boosts confidence as every child here is given equal chance to express their learning. Even we have different community helpers visiting our preschool and demonstrating their work. This helps children understand the importance of other people into their life and how these people make us live our life comfortably.

Preschool Pragmatic learning - July 2016  Preschool Pragmatic learning - July 2016

To feel the difference definitely, visit your nearest RANGOLI Preschool centre and see how children enjoy their colourful beginning and achieve learning as well. We are providing preschool franchise in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan also. For more information visit our website

Preschool Pragmatic learning - July 2016

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