RANGOLI Preschool consists of two programs TODDLER CARE & NURSERY.

The age criteria for admission to Preschool is as follows

Sr.No. Program Name Age
1 Toddler Care Less than 3 years
2 Nursery 3 to 4 years

Developmental Phase in a child’s life

A preschooler’s life is a time of amazing learning and development. Every child has his/her own pace of development and no comparison should be made between the children of same age.

A developmental milestone is a skill that a child acquires within a specific time frame. Have a look at developmental areas covered in RANGOLI curriculum.

Developmental Areas covered in Preschool

Physical Development

The day starts with exercise and yoga as a part of physical development. Meditation helps to improve concentration of young minds.

Our curriculum includes different physical activities/games that involves running, jumping, different walking techniques, cycling, etc which helps child develop gross motor skills.

Social & Emotional Development

There are different group activities, stories and games designed in curriculum which helps to inculcate values like sharing, helping, waiting for turn, etc.

Celebrations are an integral part of RANGOLI curriculum. We celebrate different religious and national festivals as part of social development. There are numerous special days celebrated like Parents’ day, Grandparents’ day, etc.


For cognitive development our activities includes introduction to different concepts through blocks, wooden puzzles, charts, practical models, (real) object identification, field visits, outside visitor for live demonstration, digital media, sorting and segregating, etc.


There are different interactive sessions designed for language development. Rhyme singing, role play, project talk, stories through dramatization; object identification, etc helps to clear speech and enhance vocabulary. Every month we introduce different action words (verbs) that helps develop language and communication.

Through numerous oral activities speech clarity is attempted to achieve.

Toddler Care Program :

In Toddler Care Program lots of hands on experiences will be given to the children as physical development is the prime focus. At this age children learn lots of things with all their senses. The active exploration of the five senses helps in better neural connectivity in the brains of young children resulting in the intellectual development.

We follow project-based learning pattern on monthly basis with the focus on object identification. Social development and work independence are the prime focus areas. Stories and rhymes are the important activities. Children spend most of their time in exploring new things: singing, dancing, laughing, playing and learning.

Nursery :

Our Nursery program focuses on pre-writing readiness with mathematical skills like counting, serialization and reasoning development through activity based learning pattern. The curriculum is based on development appropriate education that challenges and encourages but never pushes. An emphasis is given on the vocabulary and concept clarity about the different themes. Group discussions and individual performances are encouraged. Daily activities are planned in the manner, which can arise curiosity in child’s mind towards learning.

Music, Outdoor visits, drama, stories are selected to motivate them for learning and building self-esteem. Children are given exposure to the new concepts and ideas. Sense of achievement and confidence building are the prime focus areas for the teachers.

A Typical day at RANGOLI

Preschool (Toddler Care and Nursery)

Welcome to School:

Teacher welcomes children to the school in happy and loving manner, so the transition from the home to school becomes fast and easier. Rangoli preschool is counted in best top ten school list in India.

Prayer and Yoga:

Our day starts with prayer and yoga. Prayer includes Sanskrit, Hindi and English prayers, while yoga includes some easier methods for the physical development.

Attendance Time:

Teacher takes the attendance of the students calling each child’s full name, as the awareness about the name and surname develops naturally.

Washroom Time:

To train the children for the toilet habits, particular timings are fixed during the school hours.

Free Play:

The most important time for preschoolers. The child has freedom to play the toys of his/her choice and learn the moral values like sharing, compassion etc.

Oral Time:

The concept teaching is done during oral times. The project concepts, shapes, colours, alphabets etc are taught during this time.

Activity Time:

The way of expressing ideas and emotions through the papers, crayons and art activities.

Slate Time:

During slate time, different patterns are introduced and children enjoy free hand drawing which helps to develop pre-writing readiness faster.

Circle Time:

During this time, children are involved in story narration, wooden puzzles, conversation, performance and library books. Story is narrated to the children through various ways like flash cards, dramatization, audio-visual and puppets.

Brunch Time:

This is the time, when children will be taught table manners, cleanliness habits and sharing. Keeping in mind the nutritious value, the daily brunch is planned out.

Rhyme Time:

Favorite time for preschoolers. RANGOLI chosen rhymes are sung by teachers with musical instruments and movement. Very important time for different kinds of learning.

However, teaching good habits and good manners are integral part of each session. RANGOLI play school provides franchise in India.