Rangoli Preschool Franchise Business Proposal

Rangoli wishes to open centers across the country and hence it is appointing franchisees across various locations in India.

Rangoli Pre School Mission

  • Give to every child, the unique entity and personalized treatment it deserves
  • Make learning a matter of sheer joy
  • Give teachers the esteem and space for realizing their potential
  • Lay equal emphasis on both playing and learning
  • Lay the understructure for the holistic development of the child
  • Provide guidance to parents and serve the community at large

For Pre School Franchisee India

  • Research based in house development course curriculum support
  • Give importance to every individual center with focused approach on quality
  • Extensive support
  • Onsite audit & training support at regular interval
  • Centers have given only to few selected people

Criteria for Becoming Pre School Franchisee

  • Passion for educationGood Social Background
  • Good Social BackgroundCapable
  • Capable of managing the centre independently
  • Serious entrepreneur with long term view

Space requirement:
2000 sq ft to 2500 sq. ft. of floor space (preferably independent bungalow)

Investment requirement:
Rs. 6 to 10 lacs based on location

If you have any query related to How to start Preschool near to your area the contact us on 8238060940
Download Rangoli preschool franchise business proposal