Events and Celebration

We organize various events to make our students more confident, enthusiastic and eager learners. Festivals and celebrations are an integral part of RANGOLI as these events transform routine learning into a joyful experience and make children accept the multi-cultural differences as well.All the celebrations and events at RANGOLI preschool are organized to focus on child’s holistic development.

Welcome week:

This is the first week of the academic year where we allow playgroup mothers to accompany the little ones for their smoother transition to the school’s atmosphere.

Orientation Meet:

School gives the invitation to parents to brief them about the system of the school.

Sing with mother:

A special rhyme session organized for mothers by the teachers to introduce them to the pattern of rhyme singing at RANGOLI.

Parent Teacher Meet:

Discussion between teachers and parents for their child’s development on monthly basis.

Festival Celebrations:

We celebrate all festivals irrespective of the religion namely Diwali, Id, Christmas, Holi and Navratri. It includes Independence Day and Republic Day also.

Sports Week:

An entire week dedicated to sports activities for inculcating the importance of sports and physical fitness in the little scholars.

Full Day Picnic:

This is organized once in a year to give exposure to a new environment to the children.

Annual Event:

This cultural event is organized before the year ends to build confidence and bring out the hidden performer in every child. The event includes dance, drama, music etc.


Every year we organize a Rhyme Singing competition for Toddler Care and Nursery children. Similarly, for Kindergarten, there is a storytelling competition. This helps to develop confidence level and communication skills in children.


The last week of the session full of fun and frolic for our little ones.

Health Camp:

A thorough medical check-up of the child is done with the panel of expert doctors with the parents.

Special days:

Apart from all these – we celebrate the rainy day, dolls day, brush your teeth day, children’s day, father’s day, mother’s day, pet at school day etc. round the year for the fun and learning experiences.