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For any parents, the best chance to boost the grasping sense of a kid for higher scale of intelligence is the childhood days. During these days, kids used to observe new things around him/her for developing own fundamentals to judge circumstances. And the preschool is definitely going to be the first place for him/her to explore new ideas and predictions.

Well, most of the parents are already aware of these things. But when it comes to the Best Preschool in Palanpur, let us notice few facts about Rangoli preschool which is also known as one of the Top Play School in Palanpur, Gujarat. Rangoli play school is the best suitable, reliable and much preferable option for those parents who wants to take admission of their child in such a colorful, child friendly as well as safe atmosphere.

As per its name, Rangoli Play School is a design of multiple colors through which a kid can explore more of his/her imagination to learn new tricks and techniques on day to day basis. It is not only the Best Nursery School in Palanpur, but also a good learning point for kids to gain subject oriented education instead of traditional book oriented education. This Kindergarten holds its position in Top 10 Play School in Palanpur. Not only for education, but it is also known for its effort to make the kids heal and healthy by serving them food with nutrition for better physical growth and immunity. It organizes extracurricular activities and sports sessions for those kids who have deep interest in indoor – outdoor games.

A kid gets a full fun loving environment to spend time in it with well educated teachers who care for every individual. To resist any unwanted event to take place within the Campus, an active security is always at there. It not only provides well managed infrastructure of classes and activity area, but also offers a neat and clean campus for kids. Because of these reasons, most of the parents have a positive opinion of Rangoli Play School by introducing it as The Best Play School near Me.


  • First Aid
  • Safe Toys
  • Preparing for emergencies
  • Responding to injuries
  • Special considerations for trips away from your program
  • Vehicle safety
  • CCTV Camera

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