Rangoli Franchisee Support System

//Rangoli Franchisee Support System

Rangoli Franchisee Support System

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RANGOLI Group of Institutes offers a great business proposition to aspiring entrepreneurs. People who dream of owning a school has a better scope of progressing at a good pace if they own a RANGOLI franchise. Along with work independently, it also provides the satisfaction of contributing to the future building of our country.

Preschool Franchise in Gujarat, Preschool Franchise in Rajasthan, Preschool Franchise in Madhya Pradesh

RANGOLI wishes to offer school and preschool franchise in Gujarat, a preschool franchise in Rajasthan, preschool franchise in Madhya Pradesh and across various locations too. RANGOLI follows CQSH Support Matrix in a franchise model which offers a great business proposition & opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Preschool Franchise in Gujarat| Preschool Franchise in Rajasthan | Preschool Franchise in Madhya Pradesh

CQSH (Content, Quality, System and Human Touch) Support Matrix provides franchises, with the research-based course curriculum along with regular teaching and activity guidelines. The curriculum is designed in housekeeping in mind the learning needs of young minds and it is constantly updated. Extensive support is provided for the set-up of the center and also for regular operations. Onsite audit and training support at regular intervals maintains the quality standards and regular improvisations are implemented. Rangoli Play School works with a human touch with each of its franchises and this unique factor builds the long-lasting relationship of success.

Rangoli CQSH support matrix includes startup support and ongoing support to ease the operational work of franchises.

Startup support includes infrastructure development, initial marketing, human resource recruitment, and training. Right from finalization of property, rangoli supports in providing design documents and consultants for the center development. For initial marketing, rangoli provides with designs for leaflets, brochures, and all other marketing document designs. Assistance for planning, marketing strategy is also provided.

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Constant on-going support is provided to each and every rangoli franchisee. There is a dedicated Franchise Account Manager at Head Office to answer queries and guide the franchise. Curriculum and teaching methodology is provided on a monthly basis. Teachers provide detailed training every year. Admin and finance procedures are provided and training to the central head is given time to time. Quality maintenance is done through audit visits and support visits at the centers by franchisee account manager at regular intervals. There is a dedicated business development team that provides inputs for marketing campaigns from time to time.

Owing to a rangoli school or Best Play School franchise in Gujarat, No 1 Play School franchise in Rajasthan, Top Play School franchise in Madhya Pradesh gives you financial growth as well as a reputed status and respect in society. We carry the responsibility of shaping the future of our country and we do it with complete dedication.

Come and join the RANGOLI success league…..

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