10 Fun and Educational Activities for Kids by Rangoli Preschool

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Welcome to Rangoli Preschool, the best play-and-learn preschool in Gujarat! With our engaging preschool learning games and activities, we create a dynamic environment for preschoolers to explore, learn, and grow. As one of the top play schools in Gujarat, we provide the best educational activities for young learners. Join us at Rangoli Preschool and let the fun and learning begin!

Activity 1: Storytelling Circle

1. Gather kids in a circle and create a cosy atmosphere.

2. Choose a storybook appropriate for their age and interests.

3. Begin reading the story aloud, using expressive voices and gestures to engage the children.

4. Pause at key moments to ask questions, encourage the children to predict what might happen next, and explore their imagination.

5. Encourage the children to express their thoughts, feelings, and opinions about the story.

6. Explain the significance of the story, how it relates to their lives, and why it is important to learn from stories.

Activity 2: Nature Walk and Collage

1. Take the children on a nature walk to a nearby park.

2. Encourage them to observe and collect various natural objects like leaves, flowers, rocks, and twigs.

3. Provide the kids with a piece of paper and glue.

4. Explain to the children that they will create a collage using the natural objects they collected.

5. Let the children express their creativity and arrange the objects on the paper, glueing them down.

6. Encourage them to explain their choices and talk about what they found interesting or beautiful in nature.

Activity 3: Sensory Play with Playdough

1. Provide each child with a small portion of playdough in different colours.

2. Encourage them to explore the playdough’s texture, smell, and colour using their senses.

3. Suggest various objects like cookie cutters, plastic animals, or utensils that they can use with the playdough.

4. Let the children freely express themselves by moulding and shaping the play dough.

5. Encourage them to explain what they are creating and why they choose certain shapes or objects.

6. Engage in a group discussion, asking questions like “How does the playdough feel? What shapes did you create?”

Activity 4: Building with Blocks

1. Provide a variety of blocks to the children, such as wooden blocks, foam blocks, or Lego bricks.

2. Encourage them to build structures using their imagination.

3. Explain the concepts of balance, stability, and symmetry while they build.

4. Ask open-ended questions like “What are you building? How does it stand up?”

5. Encourage the children to explain their creations and the choices they made.

6. Promote collaborative play by suggesting that they build together or share their ideas.

Activity 5: Cooking Class (Simple Recipes)

1. Choose simple recipes that the children can participate in making, such as fruit salad or no-bake cookies.

2. Provide the necessary ingredients and tools, ensuring child-friendly utensils.

3. Explain each step of the recipe, encouraging the children to take turns measuring, mixing, and pouring.

4. Discuss the significance of each ingredient and how they contribute to the final dish.

5. Allow the children to taste and express their opinions about the flavours and textures.

Activity 6: Alphabet Hunt

1. Hide alphabet flashcards or foam letters around a room or outdoor area.

2. Divide the children into small groups or pairs.

3. Explain that they have to find the hidden letters and match them to a corresponding picture or word.

4. Encourage the children to express their excitement.

5. After finding all the letters, gather the children and ask them to explain what they found and why it matches the picture or word.

6. Celebrate their success and provide positive feedback for their efforts.

Activity 7: Color Mixing

1. Provide the children with primary colour paint (red, blue, and yellow) and a palette or mixing tray.

2. Explain the concept of primary colours and how they can be mixed to create secondary colours.

3. Encourage the children to experiment with mixing different colours on the palette or tray.

4. Let them express their excitement as they witness new colours emerging.

5. Ask the children to explain the colours they created and how they feel about them.

6. Display their artwork and allow them to explain their choices to others.

Activity 8: Science Experiments

1. Choose simple and safe science experiments suitable for preschoolers, such as making a volcano eruption or growing plants from seeds.

2. Provide the necessary materials and explain the steps of the experiment.

3. Let them express their excitement and observations during the experiment.

4. Discuss the significance of the experiment, explaining the scientific concepts involved and their real-life applications.

5. Ask the children to share their favorite part of the experiment.

6. Encourage them to explore more scientific experiments at home or in their surroundings.

Activity 9: Puppet Show

1. Provide pre-made puppets or help the children create their puppets using craft materials.

2. Assist the children in creating a simple story or choosing a familiar story to reenact.

3. Divide the roles among the children and set up a stage or designated area for the puppet show.

4. Encourage the children to express their creativity by developing their characters and dialogues.

5. Let them perform the puppet show in front of their peers.

Activity 10: Community Helpers Role Play

1. Introduce the community helpers to the children, such as doctors, firefighters, police officers, teachers, etc.

2. Discuss the roles and responsibilities of each community helper, emphasizing their importance in society.

3. Provide props, costumes, and accessories related to different community helpers.

4. Assign roles or let the children choose their preferred community helper to portray.

5. Encourage the children to express themselves by acting out scenarios and situations related to their chosen roles.

6. Explain the significance of community helpers, discussing how they contribute to the well-being and functioning of society.


At Rangoli Preschool, we are committed to offering the best games and educational activities for preschoolers. As one of the top play schools in Gujarat, our play and learn preschool provides an enriching environment where children can thrive. Join us today and discover the joy of learning through our engaging preschool learning games and activities. Rangoli Preschool is your gateway to a vibrant and fulfilling educational journey!