A Day at Rangoli

Our daily schedule allows children to participate in group and individual activities so that they can grow holistically. 

Kindergarten Admission Gujarat

Welcome to School:

Teacher welcomes children to the school in happy and loving manner, so the transition from the home to school becomes fast and easier. Rangoli preschool is counted in best top ten school list in India.

Prayer and Yoga:

Our day starts with prayer and yoga. Prayer includes Sanskrit, Hindi, Gujarati and English prayers, while yoga includes some easier methods for the physical development.

Washroom Time:

To train the children for the toilet habits, particular timings are fixed during the school hours.

Free Play:

The most important time for preschoolers. The child has freedom to play the toys of his/her choice and learn the moral values like sharing, compassion etc.

Oral Time:

The concept teaching is done during oral times. The project concepts, shapes, colours, alphabets etc are taught during this time.

Activity Time:

The way of expressing ideas and emotions through the papers, crayons and art activities.

Slate Time:

During slate time, different patterns are introduced and children enjoy free hand drawing which helps to develop pre-writing readiness faster.

Circle Time:

During this time, children are involved in story narration, wooden puzzles, conversation, performance and library books. Story is narrated to the children through various ways like flash cards, dramatization, audio-visual and puppets.

Brunch Time:

This is the time, when children will be taught table manners, cleanliness habits and sharing. Keeping in mind the nutritious value, the daily brunch is planned out.

Rhyme Time:

Favorite time for preschoolers. RANGOLI chosen rhymes are sung by teachers with musical instruments and movement. Very important time for different kinds of learning.

However, teaching good habits and good manners are integral part of each session. RANGOLI preschool provides franchise in Gujarat, India.