Vision & Mission

Here’s what we stand for

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The Rangoli preschool is committed with VISION to excel and will prepare children for a wonderful future ahead. It is well known that the years prior to kindergarten are the most critical in inculcating children with optimal cognitive, social and ethical learning, and we are passionate about helping each child reach his/her fullest potential.


The Rangoli preschool has a MISSION to nourish and stimulate children’s learning priorities as we develop cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills, encouraging your child in becoming a well-rounded and self-confident individual. Our motto has been to provide a conducive learning environment to the little ones, so they grow up to become confident and creative learning individuals with their unique talents. We aim to empower and make children self-reliant

Also, we focus on the HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT which emphasis on PHYSICAL (Gross Motor and Fine Motor), SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL (Interaction, Co-operation, Self-confidence, Sense of Community), SENSORY (Sight, Touch, Smell, Hear, Taste), COGNITIVE (Problem-solving, Abstract Thinking, Learning), COMMUNICATION (Expressive, Receptive, Pragmatic Language).

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Our Belief

We never teach our pupils,
we only attempt to provide

in which they can learn.