Rangoli Preschool Online Classes in Pandemic

//Rangoli Preschool Online Classes in Pandemic

Rangoli Preschool Online Classes in Pandemic

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We were bound to go online due to the noble corona pandemic. However, just because the pandemic rages outside don’t imply your child’s schooling is over. Kids are missing preschool, but they shouldn’t miss learning. To stay up with the changing time, we have introduced the “Rangoli Arcus Model”.

Key highlights of the Rangoli Arcus Model:
1. Secure interactive classes with fun
2. Pre Recorded videos (to reinforce learning post online session)
3. Curriculum based Rangoli App (Educational games)
4. Scholastic and Non-scholastic Activities

Rangoli preschool is the best play school franchise provider in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Nowadays Rangoli provides complete online education to toddlers. We celebrate different days, festivals, events etc online. We provide guidance to each and every student dedicatedly. Rangoli Pre School offers the best programs for kids. With Rangoli online preschool learning classes at home for kids, we bring them up to speed with what they would have learned in the classroom. Our objective remains to enrich your child’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. Learning and growth never stop at Rangoli Preschools.